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What They Cover

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Volume #1
General Maintenance
Adjust: valves, vlutch, replace fanbelt, replace sparkplugs, distributor timing, carburetor maintenace, and more!

Volume #2
Pull Motor & Clutch Service
Replace: clutch, release bearing, crank seal, rear transmission mounts, clutch cable, and more!

Volume #3
Complete Engine Rebuild
(2 Hours 38 min. )
Easy to follow instruction including:
tear down, clean up, inspection, assembly.

Volume #4
(1 Hour 45 min)
Everything about drum & disk breaks
also learn to repace wheels bearings & Seals

Volume #5
Transmission Replacement
(1 Hour)
Swing Asle & I.R.S.
Replace: Axles, Shift Housing, C.V. Joints,
Rear Axle Bearing & Grease Seals

Volume #6
Floor Pans (1 Hour 45min.)
Repair, Replacement, How to remove the body
& Basic Welding

Volume #7
Heater Channel
(1 Hour 40min.)
Replace: heater channel, lower door post & lower quarter pannel

Volume #8
Type4 Engine Rebuild With Jake Raby
(3 Hours)
Easy to follow instruction including:
tear down, inspection, assembly.

Volume #9
Wiring harness Replacement
(2 Hours 40min.)
Itentifying wires, terminals & changes over the years
Covers 1961-1979

Volume #10
Electrical Troubleshooting (3+ hours)
easy to follow instruction, Including:
Starting & charging system, converting from 6v to 12v
Replace turn signal arm and ignition switch
Learn how to solder

Type 4 Engine Transplant()
Watch as Jake Raby shows you how to convert a type 4
engine to work in your bug!

The Greatest VW Show on Earth (2 Hour)
A 2 hour video that takes you to the “VW Classic” car show and all the events leading up to it. If you have ever experienced the classic weekend then you can relive it with this video. If you haven’t then you have to see it to believe it!


Grand Conyon 2005 - taken by Jack Cator

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