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How To Rent

Here is a short youtube video on how to rent our videos online. Click "How to rent online" on the menu to your right. It's best to watch the video full screen.

Limited Time Offer

If you would like to rent one of our DVDs to watch online and would like to buy the DVD then please send us an email (before your rental time is up) with the password that you got when you rented the video and we will sell you that DVD and give you discount equal to to the cost of your rental price.

Also if you would like to buy a DVD for a project that you want to get started on right away, order by phone and we can send you a temporarily password to watch it online until the DVD gets there, but you will have to ask for that service, it is not automatic.


If you are wondering about compatibility with your computer, please click on the "Free Samples" link on the right, if the video plays alright you should have no problem renting online.

If the video does not play then you may need to update or install Adobe Flash player and maybe see if there are updates to your browser also.

Also, do to the quality of the video and way it is sent to your computer, a good and fast internet connection recommended.

A few things you should
know about renting online

Renting one of our DVDs online lets you watch the video right away. In addition to renting a whole DVD's content online, now some individual jobs from different DVD's will be available to be rented by themselves at an even more reduced cost. We even plan on renting some small jobs online that may be too small to make it to DVD right away, if you have suggestions for jobs like these please let us know.

Whole videos will be rented in the form of a "play list" so that different parts of the video can be navigated to more easily. For example trying to play any part of the play list "Volume 1" will present you with the option to rent that whole play list.

The exception to this is the play list "Jobs". All the videos under this play list will be rented individually.

After payment is made by paypal you will be given a code that can be used next time you want to watch the same video or play list.

In addition to the number of days you will get to watch the video there will also be a limit on the number of times the video is able to be watched. This is meant to keep anyone from renting the video and posting the code on a web site so that many people could use it. If you believe you have reached the limit in error please let us know and we can fix it.

It should also be noted that renting a "whole DVD online" means renting the video from that DVD, no DVD will be sent to you in the mail. Sorry.


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