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Volume 11 DVD Coming soon!

If you have found yourself wanting more, you will be happy to know we are working on Volume 11- Suspension! We do not have a DVD release date yet, but keep checking back. Or better yet, join our mailing list by clicking "Latest News Flyer" on the bottom left of the screen.
Soon we hope to have some video clips and pictures to share with you!

Limited Time Offer

If you would like to rent one of our DVDs to watch online and would like to buy the DVD then please send us an email (before your rental time is up) with the password that you got when you rented the video and we will sell you that DVD and give you discount equal to to the cost of your rental price.

Also if you would like to buy a DVD for a project that you want to get started on right away, order by phone and we can send you a temperarly password to watch it online untill the DVD gets there, but you will have to ask for that service, it is not automatic.

Rent and Watch DVD's online NOW HERE!

We are working to get all our DVD's content online so they can be rented and watched right away. The first 5 are ready to be rented, more are on the way. They are able to be rented using paypal. To learn more click on the "Rent/Watch Now" link at the top of the page.

Rent "Jobs" online NOW HERE!

In addition to getting the DVD's rentable online, we will also be working to get individual jobs rent able at a much lower cost than the whole DVD.

Most of them will be $4.99 and cover one "Job". For instance you can lean how to change your fan belt or change your oil, or more.

To rent a job click on "Rent/Watch Now" at the top, and then "JOBs" to the right, after the page. And have fun!

In the past it has only really been cost effective for both us and our customers to produce a DVD with at least an hour or more of instructional content. But because less costs are involved in renting videos online than producing DVD's we plan on making many short instructional videos rentable online for a small fee. These would be small jobs that may, or may not be part of larger jobs or covered in our other DVDs. Such things as perhaps replacing a door handle or window regulator. From time to time we have gotten requests for such small jobs but until now we have not had a good way to fill that need. Now we do! So if you have ideas we would love to hear them! Email us to

Sample Clips Now Available on New Player!

Our sample clips have already been uploaded to the new online player that will be used for renting the videos, so feel free to give it a test run! Click on "Rent/Watch now" (top right) and then click on "Free Samples" (on the right), and have fun!

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